FocusedKids™ for Schools

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Research & Benefits

From the current research in child development, we know that children need experiences that are repeated and intentional to develop a healthy brain. There are certain neuro-connections required for them to self-regulate. They must learn and practice certain behaviors to delay gratification, contain urges to react, focus their attention, and manage themselves in healthy, productive ways. Their brain is wired to learn these skills, but they must practice, many times, certain behaviors for success. FocusedKids™ provides a framework for this learning.

FocusedKids™ Curriculum

The FocusedKids™ curriculum begins with the brain lesson, using puppets to represent the brain parts. Teaching the essential brain concepts for self-control comes first. This is the foundational lesson. The succeeding units include mindful exercises for calming, focusing, and energizing, along with a lesson on feelings awareness. New lessons are being created all the time, and all lessons refer back to the basic brain concepts to reinforce the child's knowledge of the brain, and sense of responsibility and control. 


FocusedKids™ Intensive

The population of children with special needs entering public school classrooms is increasing. These include children on the spectrum, as well as children with traumatic experiences and toxic living environments.

FocusedKids™ Intensive was developed specifically for children with special needs, providing more practice of the same strategies covered in our curriculum. Training occurs daily in the general classroom with their peers, and in an additional 15-minute pull-out group, once a week.

FocusedKids™ Intensive was started in October 2019 at Glenwood Springs Elementary School in Colorado. It is a three-year pilot program that will grow to the other elementary schools in the Roaring Fork School District in grades Pre-K through Third.


FocusedKids™ in the Classroom

FocusedKids™ is here to support continued classroom success with training and resources developed specifically for teachers.


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