FocusedKids™ for Teachers

Welcome, educators! FocusedKids™ is a social-emotional learning program teaching young children, parents/caregivers, and teachers about their brains and the skills of focusing and calming for self-regulation. The program is a simple, stand-alone module for use with young children in the classroom and at home. Children learn about the brain, practice activities that help them calm down, develop self-awareness, and pay attention to the task at hand. Having an elementary knowledge of how the brain works, children feel empowered to be “in charge of their brain,” and show the ability to develop the vital skills of self-management.

Research & Benefits

From the current research in child development, we know that children need experiences that are repeated and intentional to develop a healthy brain. There are certain neuro-connections required for them to self-regulate. They must learn and practice certain behaviors to delay gratification, contain urges to react, focus their attention, and manage themselves in healthy, productive ways. Their brain is wired to learn these skills, but they must practice, many times, certain behaviors for success. FocusedKids™ provides a framework for this learning.

FocusedKids™ Teacher Workbook

Created specifically for teachers, this comprehensive workbook covers brain science, resources for teaching kids to regulate their minds and bodies, and helpful tips for making the FocusedKids™ curriculum part of your classroom culture.


FocusedKids™ Intensive

The population of children with special needs entering public school classrooms is increasing. These include children on the spectrum, as well as children with traumatic experiences and toxic living environments.

FocusedKids™ Intensive was developed specifically for children with special needs, providing more practice of the same strategies covered in our curriculum. Training occurs daily in the general classroom with their peers, and in an additional 15-minute pull-out group, once a week.

FocusedKids™ Intensive was started in October 2019 at Glenwood Springs Elementary School in Colorado. It is a three-year pilot program that will grow to the other elementary schools in the Roaring Fork School District in grades Pre-K through Third.

Professional Development Series

During our monthly conversations, we will take time to pause, focus on you the teacher, and explore how you can support your classroom either in person or virtually during these challenging times. We will provide simple and practical developmental tools to help you and your students be calmer and more focused.

Kathy Hegberg and Amanda Petersen will facilitate 45-minute conversations via Zoom with monthly guest speakers who are experts in the field of education, mindfulness, and child development. Featured guests will also include teachers from other communities who are invested in doing this important work. You will receive salary advancement or continuing education credit each time you participate in a live Zoom chat.


Recorded Zoom Trainings

Below are links to recordings of our past FocusedKids™ teacher meetings: