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Being an educator is hard. We designed these free SEL resources for educators to make your life a bit easier and help you teach your students valuable brain basics and self-regulation skills.

FocusedKids Basics

Articles for Educators

Lessons for Educators

The Chime: An Essential Tool for the Classroom

Many teachers find the chime exercise to be a helpful transition after returning to the classroom from recess or lunch because the chime signals to the brain that it is now time to breathe and pay attention in preparation for learning.

Videos for Educators

The Glitter Jar

The glitter jar is one of the best tools to use if you need to calm down kids (or yourself). Click to find out how to make and use a glitter jar.

Grateful Goat

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool. When you and your students intentionally practice gratitude in your lives, you’ll see improvements...

Professional Development Recordings

Educator Training Opportunities

Want to go deeper? Learn more about getting trained in the FocusedKids Method.


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