The Calm and Connected Classroom Immersion

Do you ever feel like you’re not only expected to teach academics and be a social emotion wellness master? If so, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and burnt out trying to wear all the hats you need to wear as an educator. Especially if you haven’t had the training you desire.

If you need support teaching social emotional skills to your students, our expert trainers will come to your school to teach you and your students the FocusedKids Method. This immersive program is designed to provide you and your students with brain-building skills and self-regulation techniques that will allow everyone to calm down, focus, and skillfully manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The result is successful students, happy teachers, and classrooms that feel more calm and connected.

The FocusedKids In School Immersion Will Allow You To…

  • Bond with your students so they feel safe and understood.

  • Help you teach students how to focus their attention and manage themselves, their emotions, and behaviors in healthy and productive ways.
  • Provide your classes with a shared-language that everyone can use to manage challenging emotions and situations.

  • Manage your classroom peacefully and productively.
  • Explore the role self-regulation and self-care play in your life as an educator.

The FocusedKids In School Immersion is for…

  • Teachers (pre-k to middle school) who want more calm and connection in their classrooms and lives.

  • Counselors & SEL coaches that want an impactful method and tool set to use in their work.

  • Paraeducators who need out-of-the-box strategies and tools to engage with the students they care for.

  • Administrators & Districts that want to provide their staff with knowledge and tools to help them thrive.

If you have any questions about whether or not this course will be a fit for your classroom or your school, send us an email.

What Teachers Are Saying

“We really love Focused Kids. It has really made a positive difference in our classes. We have some high-energy children and it has really calmed down our class. Our children have learned to self-sooth by breathing when they have big feelings, they are able to control their bodies, and they have learned all the parts of the brain and what they do. It has helped all of us in the classroom.”

Preschool Team – Desert Willow Elementary School

“I have found FocusedKids to be very, very worthwhile! I think every school should implement this program. It is an opportunity to learn skills, which will enrich and improve the lives of students and their families.”

Heather Bicknell - Desert Sun Academy

“FocusedKids has been a true asset to myself as a teacher and the children in my classroom! The calming and mindfulness training she offers is tailored to be accessible to very young children but is a benefit to all people of all ages. In our world that is constantly changing and so fast paced, it is refreshing to be reminded, and to teach very young children skills they can practice for a lifetime.”

Desert Sun Academy

“I love when the children take over and recognize that a friend might need some help to become calm again. The children are getting the tools to help themselves and others to regulate emotions and behaviors.”

Kelly Hendrie - Lone Mountain Elementary School

What The FocusedKids In School Immersion Looks Like

Every FocusedKids in school training starts out with a single day immersion. During this time, you will be trained in…

  • Brain anatomy basics
  • The FocusedKids Method
  • Using FocusedKids tools
  • Classroom implementation

What The FocusedKids In School Immersion Looks Like

Here are some of the techniques and tools you will be trained to use as part of the immersion…

  • Brain buddy puppets
  • Calm and focus chime
  • Breathing ball
  • Glitter jar
  • Brain poster
  • Mindful coloring book
  • Additional classroom resources

Three Ways to Implement the FocusedKids Immersion

The beauty of the Calm and Connected Classroom In School Immersion is that it can be tailored to your school or classroom’s needs. Here are the three most popular ways educators implement the immersion:


Single Day In School Immersion

We’ll send a trainer to your school and you get to learn how to teach the FocusedKids Method in a single day.


Immersion & Three Follow Ups

You get everything from the single day immersion and ongoing support. You pick the classroom(s) you want support in and our trainers will provide three follow up lessons in them.


Immersion & Ongoing Support

After you’ve done the single day immersion and three follow ups, our trainers will show up at your school once a month to provide follow up lessons and ongoing coaching.

In School FocusedKids Training FAQ

If you are interested in FocusedKids and would like more information or to look at how FocusedKids can tailor your schools social emotional learning needs, please reach out to us and we will develop the plan that best meets your needs and budget

You sure can. We recommend you share our website with your administrators and set up a time for us to connect to talk through how we can help your school out. If you’re struggling to find funding, here are some potential ways to get it.

Yes, we are able to accommodate training outside the Roaring Fork Valley. If you would like to have a FocusedKids trainer come to your school, please reach out.

Yes! FocusedKids uses the Harvard Center for the Developing Child Frontiers of Innovation model to ensure everything it does is effective. However, the greatest proof is in what teachers report after implementing FocusedKids in their classrooms.

Absolutely. It’s been heartbreaking to watch so many teachers burning out. This program is specifically designed to help teachers improve the way they care for themselves, so that they can show up as their best selves for their students.

Yes! If you don’t want our trainers to come to your school, you can participate in our online training.

Still Have Questions? We’re here to help!