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Why Take The Calm and Connected Classroom Training?

Being a teacher is hard. Teaching unruly and distracted students is at least twice as hard. That’s why this online SEL training course exists.

You’ve probably tried various classroom management strategies to help get your class to calm down, focus, and engage with the lesson plans that you work hard to create. Chances are, you’ve had varying results and you’re ready for your classroom to feel a bit more manageable.

This online SEL training course can help you master the skills of mindful self-regulation. From there, you’ll be able to teach those skills to your students along with brain-building techniques that allow them to calm down, focus, and manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Especially when overwhelm and over-reactivity set in.

The end result is a classroom (and life) that feels a bit more manageable for teachers. And, students that are capable of managing their brains and themselves in healthy and productive ways.

This Online SEL Teacher Training
Will Allow You to…

  • Explore the roles self-regulation and self-care play in your personal and professional life.

  • Co-regulate and bond with your students so they feel safe, seen, and secure.
  • Help students focus their attention and manage themselves, their emotions, behaviors, and relationships in healthy and productive ways.

  • Provide your class a shared-language that everyone can use to communicate about challenging emotions.
  • Manage your classroom peacefully and productively.

Who the Calm & Connected Classroom Training Is For

If you’re one of the professionals listed below, this training is for you!

  • Teachers (Pre-k to high school) who want more calm and connection in their classrooms and lives.

  • Counselors & SEL coaches who want an impactful method and tool set to use in their work.

  • Paraeducators who need out-of-the-box strategies and tools to engage with the students they care for.
  • Administrators that want to provide their staff with knowledge and tools to help them thrive.

If you have any questions about whether or not this course will be a fit for you, send us an email and we will be happy to let you know what we think.

With FocusedKids


of teachers

report a significant reduction in classroom stress


of teachers

say students are better at focusing and self-regulating

What Participants Are Saying

“We really love Focused Kids. It has really made a positive difference in our classes. We have some high-energy children and it has really calmed down our class. Our children have learned to self-sooth by breathing when they have big feelings, they are able to control their bodies, and they have learned all the parts of the brain and what they do. It has helped all of us in the classroom.”

Preschool Team – Desert Willow Elementary School

“I have found FocusedKids to be very, very worthwhile! I think every school should implement this program. It is an opportunity to learn skills, which will enrich and improve the lives of students and their families. The wonder of Kathy and her magical puppet Monkey had a child with developmental delays completely engaged in the lesson. He was waving to Kathy, her puppet Monkey and attempting to talk. This was a first for our little guy. As a special education teacher, I was brought to tears.”

Heather Bicknell – Desert Sun Academy

“I love when the children take over and recognize that a friend might need some help to become calm again. The children are getting the tools to help themselves and others to regulate emotions and behaviors.”

Kelly Hendrie - Lone Mountain Elementary School

The Calm and Connected Classroom Training Overview

You don’t have a ton of extra time on your hands. That’s why this course is light on frills and full of the knowledge and skills you need to teach yourself and your students how to self-regulate.

This course contains four modules. Each module has two parts:

  • Course material review (self-paced)
  • Zoom cohort meeting with other participants (every two weeks)

Four Training Modules

Intro to FocusedKids Philosophy, Method, & Tools

What You’ll Learn: Discover what the FocusedKids Method is, how it works, how it was created, and how it’s going to benefit you and your students.

Self-Care & Co-Regulation

What You’ll Learn: Why you need to personally learn mindful practices and self-regulation before you can begin teaching them to your students.

Cohort Meeting 1 Topic: Self-Care & Co-Regulation

What You’ll Learn: Master neuroscience basics that you and your students can rely on to depersonalize and neutralize challenging behaviors.

Cohort Meeting 2 Topic: Key Players in the Brain & Brain Buddy Puppets

What You’ll Learn: Get a toolbox full of exercises and practices you and your students can use to self-regulate on-demand and guidance about how to implement it all.

Cohort Meeting 3 Topic: Tools and Techniques for Teaching FocusedKids

What You’ll Learn: Find out how you can enlist the help of your students’ parents to turn self-regulation into a lifestyle.

Cohort Meeting 4 topic: Bringing it all Home

Online Teacher Training Pricing:


Training Includes:

  • Unlimited lifetime access to Calm & Connected Classroom course materials

  • Complete collection of FocusedKids exercises
  • The Calm & Connected Classroom Toolkit

  • Early access to ongoing professional development and guest lectures
  • Access to FocusedKids trainers during course

Next Training Start Date TBD

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are highly confident that this training will teach you an entirely new way to manage your life and your classroom.

If you don’t like the Calm and Connected Classroom online training for any reason, email us within 30 days of starting your training and we’ll be happy to fully refund your purchase.

Calm and Connected Classroom FAQ

What’s the value of a class full of students that are calm, concentrated, and connected? Or in other words, what’s the value of going to work every day and not having to battle your students? Add that to the value of having your own personal self-regulation skills that you can rely on in your classroom and your life. While most teachers think it’s worth every penny of the enrollment fee, we’ll let you decide.

Yes! This training is specifically designed to provide you with tools to help you battle compassion fatigue and exhaustion with your students and the day-to-day grind.

Yes, we will issue you a certificate with one CEU credit that you can submit to your school or district. In some districts you have to get pre-approved before, so check with your district before enrolling.

Reimbursement depends on your school, but we are happy to provide whatever documentation you might need to make that happen.

The weekly live calls with your cohort will take place in the evening during the week. Attendance is optional. Questions for the Q&A can be submitted ahead of time and all recordings will be shared, so if you’re unable to attend it won’t have any negative impact on your learning experience.

The FocusedKids Method has proven to be effective with students of all ages between preschool and high school.

The greatest proof is in what teachers report after implementing FocusedKids in their classrooms. For example, 67% of teachers say students report improved focus and better self-regulation after learning the FocusedKids Method. And, 81% of teachers report a reduction in classroom stress levels.

While attendance is not required, it is strongly encouraged. Meetings will be recorded and sent out after the fact. However, you and everyone else in your cohort will benefit from regular attendance.

A very limited number of discounts are available, but we intentionally make the course as affordable as possible without it becoming unsustainable. Please be in touch if you are in need of a discount.

Still Have Questions? We’re here to help!