Ready to start teaching yourself and the children you care for about brain basics and the fundamentals of self-regulation? Whether you’re a teacher, parent, caregiver, or community organization, here you’ll get mindful self-regulation skills and brain-building techniques to integrate into everyday life.

FocusedKids Basics

Use these resources to learn the foundations of the FocusedKids Method.

Latest FocusedKids Basics

Brain Basics

Learn about the three keys players in the brain and what each of their responsibilities is.

Resources For Educators

Dive into free articles, lessons, and professional development resources created specifically for teachers and educators.

Latest Resources for Educators

The Chime: An Essential Tool for the Classroom

Many teachers find the chime exercise to be a helpful transition after returning to the classroom from recess or lunch because the chime signals to the brain that it is now time to breathe and pay attention in preparation for learning.

Resources For Parents and Caregivers

Explore articles and lessons for parents, families, and caregivers.

Latest Resources for Parents

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