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Every kid wants to relate to their world, and the people in it, with ease. Yet, most kids lack the ability to skillfully control their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. That’s why FocusedKids provides children, parents, and teachers with brain-based social emotional learning skills. When adults and children have a shared language and skill set around self-regulation, life becomes a little bit easier for everyone.

Learn the FocusedKids Method

For Educators: The Calm & Connected Classroom

Are you feeling over-reactive and burnt out? Maybe you’re struggling to connect with your students in the way you want? FocusedKids online and in-person trainings help educators learn how to teach brain-based social emotional learning skills to students. Educators and students can then lean on these skills when things are feeling a little out of control.

For Parents: The Calm & Connected Home

Meltdowns, defiance, whining, and impulsive behavior. Sound familiar? The Calm and Connected Home brain-based parenting workshop empowers parents and caregivers. It does this by teaching them what’s going on in their children’s brains and how to intentionally respond when things aren’t going according to plan. Learn more about this life-changing brain-based social emotional skills workshop.

With FocusedKids


of teachers

report a significant reduction in classroom stress


of parents

report improved
caregiver-child connection

What People Are Saying

“FocusedKids gave my husband and me the space to work through some daily parenting struggles together and develop a common language and strategies that we both can employ. It allowed us the time to reflect on our parenting, and our children, in a mindful, therapeutic way. Amanda created a group atmosphere that felt supportive and offered realistic solutions to those tricky daily situations that we find ourselves in when we parent.”

Rachel Thompson, Parent of 2

“We really love Focused Kids. It has really made a positive difference in our classes. We have some high-energy children and it has really calmed down our class. Our children have learned to self-sooth by breathing when they have big feelings, they are able control their bodies, and they have learned all the parts of the brain and what they do. It has helped all of us in the classroom.”

Brandi & Miriam - Preschool Teachers

I wouldn’t normally share this but in the interest of the amazing impact your program had on my daughter I want to show you that she was chosen for the excellence award at her whole elementary school! First preschooler to EVER RECEIVE THIS AWARD FROM THE PRINCIPAL! beyond thankful!!! 

Parent of FocusedKids Training Recipient

Free Brain-based Social Emotional Learning Resources

Are you a parent or caregiver looking for better ways to connect and communicate with your children? Or, an educator looking to help your students pay attention? FocusedKids has tons of brain-based social emotional learning articles, lessons, and videos that will help you and the children you care for bring more calm into your lives.

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The 2023-2024 professional development series will focus on self-care and brining SEL into your classroom. Click to learn more.

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