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FocusedKids™ provides a simple curriculum of mindful exercises developed for kids age 3-8 . Children, parents, and teachers learn about the brain, and then the skills of focusing and calming using activities that support self-control.
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From Aspiration to Reality.

Thanks to our partners: The Hemera Foundation, the Buell Foundation, the Aspen Community Foundation, the Early Childhood Network, Town of Basalt, Roaring Fork School District, the Cave Creek School District, Roaring Fork Family Resource Center, the Calesa Foundation and the Colorado Health Foundation, and the Halle Family Foundation.

What People Are Saying About FocusedKids

I loved having Amanda come into the classroom. Focused kids gave my kids skills and techniques to use when they are feeling bad or sad. I love hearing my kids say i need to go to the breathing corner because my guard dog is out. It is a wonderful program and I am so glad we had multiple lessons this year. the multiple lessons gave me and my kids new insights and skills. Thank you so much! Lindsey Hoffmann, Basalt Elementary School
Maureen Love, Developmental Preschool Teacher
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