The History of FocusedKids

  • Rebranding and Launching Online Programming


    FocuseKids refreshes branding, launches a new website, and starts offering online programming for teachers and parents.

  • Expanded AZ program to Peoria and Paradise Valley school Districts


    Using in-person teacher training, video lessons, and virtual coaching FK expanded its implementation model in these districts.

  • Expanded to RE-2 School District, Silt to Rifle, and partnered with Raising a Reader and the Hope Center


    In addition to implementing in RE2 classrooms FK partnered with Raising a Reader working with families with young children and teaching brain-based parenting strategies to support healthy brain development and literacy. It also provides annual training to school-based crisis clinicians to support mental health interventions with children.

  • Created the Covid Family Relief Fund


    We raised $500,000 to financially support our families and partner families who were compromised by the impacts of COVID and followed up with FK family training.

  • Covid Pivot and Harvard presentation


    Program adapted for virtual in-classroom and at-home lessons, both live and recorded, including parent classes.  Presented to Harvard program partners the FK virtual model.

  • AZ Award for Excellence from the Cave Creek School District


    Honored for excellent work in grades preschool through second grade.

  • Three-year grant to adapt FK for work with children with special needs in the Roaring Fork schools


    Colorado Health Foundation approves a three-year grant for piloting and implementing a program component for more intensive work with children with special needs.

  • FocusedKids expands to Arizona


    Invited by the preschool director to implement in 18 preschool classrooms at the five elementary schools in Cave Creek, AZ.

  • Amanda Petersen Hired as Program Director


    First formal, evaluation-based implementation plan created, professional development program created for teachers, and training for partner organizations established.

  • FocusedKids receives its 501C3 determination.


    The I.R.S. approved the application in October 2016.

  • FocusedKids receives its first operating grant.


    The Hemera Foundation provided operating fund for the first program evaluation pilot in the amount of $15,000.

  • Program invited to collaborate with the Harvard Center for the Developing Child.


    Introduced to Phillip Fischer and Jack Shoenkoff, FocusedKids participated in the first Harvard training for the IDEAS Impact, an evaluation model predicated on the belief that to achieve breakthrough outcomes that can be scaled for population-level impact, we need a structured but flexible approach that facilitates program development, implementation, testing, evaluation, and fast-cycle iteration.

  • FocusedKids and the Schuss Trust sponsor the Changing Brains, Changing Lives conference


    Bringing experts like Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, Dr. Chris Willard, and Dr. Dan Siegle from the fields of developmental neurology, mindfulness with children and social-emotional learning the conference attracted sixty local teachers, for 3 years in a row..

  • Program formalizes delivery model, expands to public schools and other community programs.


    Expands to grades preschool through third grade in five elementary schools, two charter schools, an.d eight private preschools, as well as, two family resource centers, Early Childhood Network (informal childcare providers), and local summer school program.

  • FocusedKids adds teacher and parent training, translates the program into Spanish.


    FocusedKids expands programming within the Valley Settlement Project to preschool teachers, parent mentors, and families in the Learning With Love program, as well as at the Mini College preschool.

  • FocusedKids Inception


    Founder Kathy Hegberg, M.A. created a pilot program to teach children about their brains, and learn self-regulation strategies at the free local preschool, El Busecito, in the Valley Settlement Project.

  • Informing FocusedKids


    Founder Kathy Hegberg, M.A. worked with the MindUP program teaching teachers how to teach children about their brains, and using strategies for developing executive function, and developing a complimentary parent program.

  • Learning the Neuroscience


    Studied with Dan Siegel at UCLA, at Mindsight Institute, a multi-disciplinary approach to integration of mind, brain, and body.

  • Prior to FocusedKids


    Founder Kathy Hegberg, M.A., worked as a therapist in private practice in the Roaring Fork Valley trained in the Violet Oaklander Gestalt model for child and family therapy.

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