The FocusedKids Mission

FocusedKids is a 501(c)3 non-profit that partners with schools, families, and community organizations to make healthy brains a priority for our children. We are instilling mindful self-regulation skills and brain-building techniques into daily routines to increase resilience, self-awareness, and academic potential.

The FocusedKids Method

The FocusedKids Method is a research-based social-emotional learning program teaching children, parents/caregivers, and teachers about their brains and the skills of focusing and calming for self-regulation. The program is a simple, stand-alone method for use in the classroom and at home.

All participants learn about the brain, practice activities that help them calm down, develop self-awareness, and pay attention to the task at hand. Having a basic knowledge of how the brain works, children, teachers, and parents/caregivers feel empowered to be “in charge of their brain,” and show the ability to develop the vital skills of self-management.

With FocusedKids…


of teachers

report a significant reduction in classroom stress


of teachers

report improved academic and social skills in students


of parents

report improved parent-child connection


of parents

report giving up ineffective parenting behaviors


Since 2013, FocusedKids has partnered with schools, families, and community organizations to offer this simple yet highly impactful model.

We have grown from a one person operation to a full team of highly accredited educators, mental health practitioners and experts in the field of child development.


FocusedKids believes a commitment to making good trouble is essential for disrupting the status quo and achieving the excellent quality of life to which minority children and families have a right. We also believe that all children deserve equitable learning opportunities to achieve their full potential as engaged learners and valued members of society despite socioeconomic status, cognitive development, and cultural beliefs.

Our part in advancing equity is to build equity in schools and other programs with a three-in-one social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and brain-awareness model. It helps all children and the adults in their lives wire their brains for self-advocacy, enabling them to be proactive in creating the life they want.


“I have found FocusedKids to be very, very worthwhile! I think every school should implement this program. It is an opportunity to learn skills, which will enrich and improve the lives of students and their families. The wonder of Kathy and her magical puppet Monkey had a child with developmental delays completely engaged in the lesson. He was waving to Kathy, her puppet Monkey and attempting to talk. This was a first for our little guy. As a special education teacher, I was brought to tears.”

Heather Bicknell M.S.Ed, Desert Sun Academy, Developmental Preschool Teacher

“Nuestras participantes han estado haciendo muchos cambios en su vida, casa, y con los niños usando lo que han estado aprendiendo y practicando desde que participan en tus charlas… Infinitas gracias”

Norma Baez

“The FocusedKids curriculum is unmatched by any preschool in the valley! Hands Down. It has helped our daughter to slow her thoughts down to a manageable (focused) level!!! She has thrived. I absolutely STAND AMAZED at how FocusedKids had a complete impact in our high energy toddler!”

Parent of preschooler, Cave Creek, AZ

“FocusedKids gave my husband and me the space to work through some daily parenting struggles together and develop common language and strategies that we both can employ. It allowed us the time to reflect on our parenting and our children in a mindful, therapeutic way. Amanda created a group atmosphere that felt supportive and offered realistic solutions to those tricky daily situations that we find ourselves in when we parent. Thank you, FocusedKids, for being an amazing resource!”

Rachel Thompson

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