Adults Facilitate the Emotional Development of Children

There are three requirements we feel are essential to helping kids master these skills:

  1. Learn the basics of the developing brain so you understand what a 3-8 year old brain can do! This information is provided in the lessons.
  2. Practice the exercises to understand what we are asking kids to do. It's important to understand the patience and grit required to master these skills.
  3. Do the activities with children daily to wire their brains for success. We are role-modeling!

A daily practice for yourself using the FocusedKids™ exercises is ideal. This wires your brain for more patience and thoughtful responses in difficult situations. It also creates a common language to use with children when teaching. We have provided a guide in the parent and teacher sections to help you do this. Practicing will support you in remaining calm during a stressful situation, an essential step in teaching a child to self-regulate.