A unique feature of the FocusedKids curriculum is the use of puppets to represent the parts of the brain. The purpose is to engage young kids in learning through play: visually, tactilely, and behaviorally. The puppets model the jobs of their respective brain parts. While this happens, the children can consult, advise, and remind them to work together and to use their tools. Of course, this is advising them! After the first lesson, I find that children can remember the names and the “brain job” of each puppet, and are excited to see them again when I return.

Teaching the parts of the brain helps the child understand that these parts can be influenced using specific behaviors.  The expected outcome is that the child will feel empowered to be in charge of his brain. He will integrate the construct: “I have these parts that cause behaviors and when I get this way I can do something to manage my behaviors.” It is a powerful construct that helps build self-control.

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