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FocusedKids gave my husband and me the space to work through some daily parenting struggles together and develop common language and strategies that we both can employ. It allowed us the time to reflect on our parenting and our children in a mindful, therapeutic way. Amanda created a group atmosphere that felt supportive and offered realistic solutions to those tricky daily situations that we find ourselves in when we parent. Thank you, FocusedKids, for being an amazing resource!

Rachel Thompson

So excited!!!  Amanda's classes are TOP NOTCH!  Her parenting class that I took last month taught me so much and I learned a list of invaluable tools that I will continue to use with my girls.  She is just the BEST.

Traci Sgroi, Mom of 8-year-old twins and a 5th grader 

"Thank you for making this calm down series available. You are very skilled , knowledgable and so good with all the kids and I am thankful for everything you do for them. It is very helpful to learn about all these tools and how to use them in our home and family life."

Parent of a 6-year-old

"The class was welcoming, well run, informative, and timely. Thank you, Amanda!"

Parent of a Basalt Middle School Student

“The FocusedKids curriculum is unmatched by any preschool in the valley! Hands Down. It has helped our daughter to slow her thoughts down to a manageable (focused) level!!! She has thrived. Within a few months, our daughter was literally focused with the ability to:

  • clearly write her name on paper
  • identify her shapes & colors
  • easily count to 20+
  • developed fine motor skills
  • demonstrate order & sequencing abilities
  • fundamental art skills (painting like a boss)

I absolutely STAND AMAZED at how FocusedKids had a complete impact in our high energy toddler!

Parent of preschooler, Cave Creek, AZ

"My favorite part of Summer Success was making the glitter jar and doing mindfulness on the bleachers."
Harper, 1st Grader

"My favorite part of Summer Success was meeting the dogs and using the chalk number line."
Gio, 1st Grader

“Thank you, Kathy. Thank you very much! The new Parent Lesson Book in Spanish is written with very nice and understandable language! FocusedKids is a wonderful Program."

Ana Marie Serano, Proyecto Dei, Mexico City, MX

“We really love Focused Kids. It has really made a positive difference in our classes. We have some high-energy children and it has really calmed down our class. Our children have learned to self-sooth by breathing when they have big feelings, they are able control their bodies, and they have learned all the parts of the brain and what they do. It has helped all of us in the classroom.”

Brandi & Miriam – Desert Willow Elementary School-ECS, Preschool Team

“Kathy Hegberg is a wonderful Mindfulness teacher both for students and teachers. She inspires me every time I see her to practice my mindful skills and continue to teach my students.”

Kathy Grandprey, Horseshoe Trails Elementary School-ECS, Preschool Teacher

Nuestras participantes han estado haciendo muchos cambios en su vida, casa, y con los niños usando lo que han estado aprendiendo y practicando desde que participan en tus charlas... Infinitas gracias"

Norma  Baez

“I am happy to report that the kids and I are using your techniques! I keep the box nearby for meltdowns. And I ordered the whole monkey mind box from Amazon."

Mom of a Kindergartener and 1st Grader

Kathy and FocusedKids has been a true asset to myself as a teacher and the children in my classroom! The calming and mindfulness training she offers is tailored to be accessible to very young children but is a benefit to all people of all ages. In our world that is constantly changing and so fast paced, it is refreshing to be reminded, and to teach very young children skills they can practice for a lifetime."

Maureen Love, M.Ed., Desert Sun Academy, Developmental Preschool Teacher

“Ms. Kathy has an amazing way of connecting with students and they have loved the mindfulness tools and practices that we have started using in our classroom as a result of her trainings! She has shared wonderful and practical ideas with us about how to reach children of all ages and ability levels.”

Hayley Harris, M.Ed, Desert Sun Academy, Developmental Preschool Teacher

“I have found FocusedKids to be very, very worthwhile! I think every school should implement this program. It is an opportunity to learn skills, which will enrich and improve the lives of students and their families. The wonder of Kathy and her magical puppet Monkey had a child with developmental delays completely engaged in the lesson. He was waving to Kathy, her puppet Monkey and attempting to talk. This was a first for our little guy. As a special education teacher, I was brought to tears.”

Heather Bicknell M.S.Ed, Desert Sun Academy, Developmental Preschool Teacher

"My favorite part of Summer Success was meeting the dogs and reading the BFG."
Louis, 1st Grader

“My preschool students have been learning about how they are in charge of three important areas of their brains - Wise Owl for learning, Ms. Elephante for remembering, and Guard Dog for keeping us safe as well as acting out when we are tired or overstimulated. After learning about the jobs that these brain parts do, one of my students came to me one day and said: “My Guard Dog is feeling a little crazy and my Ms. Elephante is making me remember that I can calm down if I use the glitter jar and take deep breaths. Can I please use the glitter jar and take deep breaths to help him calm down?”

Kelli Siegel, Desert Sun Academy-ECS, Preschool Teacher

"The children love when Ms. Hegberg comes to visit our room. Most recently, she introduced "brain button" to them. After a few days, the children on their own would tell other children who were being too silly "BRAIN BUTTON!" and the other child would stop and focus! I love when the children take over and recognize that a friend might need some help to become calm again. The children are getting the tools to help themselves and others to regulate emotions and behaviors."

Kelly Hendrie, Lone Mountain Elementary School-ECS, Preschool Teacher