RECORDING: Dr. Christine Runyan on what COVID has done to our nervous systems and what we can do to reset.




What has COVID done to our nervous systems? And what can we do to reset?

This session is a recording of FocusedKids’ conversation with Dr. Christine Runyan from April 2022. It is 60 minutes of teaching followed by about 7 minutes of conversation.

Christine RunyanAbout Dr. Runyan

Christine Runyan is a clinical psychologist and professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is a certified mindfulness teacher. She co-founded and co-leads Tend Health, a clinical consulting practice focused on the mental well-being of health care practitioners.

Session Description

The light at the end of the COVID tunnel is tenuously appearing — yet many of us feel as exhausted as at any time in the past year. Memory problems; short fuses; fractured productivity; sudden drops into despair. We’re at once excited and unnerved by the prospect of life opening up again. Clinical psychologist Christine Runyan explains the physiological effects of two years of pandemic and social isolation — what’s happened at the level of stress response and nervous system, the literal mind-body connection. She offers simple strategies to regain our fullest capacities for the world ahead.


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