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Kathy Hegberg
Kathy Hegberg
Kathy Hegberg
FocusedKids Founder & Executive Director

FocusedKids founder Kathy Hegberg was recently recognized by the Cave Creek Unified School District with an Education & Community Services Inspire Excellence Award. Over the past two years, FocusedKids has worked with their preschool and elementary teachers to bring our mindful learning curriculum to classrooms throughout the district. Thank you, Cave Creek USD – we are so grateful that as a team we are able to bring the gifts of calm, focus, and self-competence to the children in our lives.


“In February 2018, ECS Preschool had an opportunity to meet Kathy Hegberg to learn about a new social emotional program. She is an amazing individual who teaches teachers and families about the brain and how to self-regulate.

Kathy created the FocusedKids™ program in 2013. She has helped our preschool and elementary teachers teach children to self-regulate using the knowledge of how the brain works and specific skills to help them calm and focus. She has taught the children, parents and teachers the same curriculum so that not only can the children self-regulate, but also co-regulation can occur between adult and child.

It is not just her passion and knowledge of how the brain works that impressed us. Kathy is a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and enthusiasm when teaching lessons to children or families. She has such an empathetic disposition and she made it so easy to learn how to use the FocusedKids™ program. The teaching staff value her and the opportunity we have had these last two years. Kathy has made a difference in the lives of everyone she has worked with.”

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