Many children arrive at school each day sleep deprived and hungry and stressed from home circumstances beyond their control. Before we ask them to get ready to learn, we need to attend to their more basic needs. Presumably, these children receive a free breakfast, so after that, a few exercises to help them wake up their systems and release excess stress can help.

Energize & Release Lesson

Energize & Release LessonExercises:


  • Chime
  • Drum
  • Mini Boxes of Raisins for Each Child

Goals of this Lesson:

  1. Children will learn how to use their body to wake up and get going.
  2. Children will learn that being in charge of their body and emotions feels good.
  3. Children will develop a daily routine of activities to help them be alert.

What We Learned Today:

You can learn to be more present while you eat or walk, or clap, or pretend you are taking a shower! You have learned that releasing extra energy can help us feel renewed and ready for the next thing. You can use your imagination to help gather yourself.

Integrating the Lesson:

Mindfully walking or eating, clapping, breathing, and visualizing are all readily accessible exercises for use at any time. Helping your children remember them, practicing with them, and placing them into the routine will move them towards healthy emotional and physical regulation. Visualization is a great way to stimulate positive feelings about self and others, as well as the things around you. Likely the next time your child sees a rainbow, it will be a much more powerful and pleasant experience. Over time, as this happens, the positive is being integrated.

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