Movement helps the body and mind work together. Research shows that movement increases neurochemicals in the brain that improve connectivity between neurons, enhance learning ability, and reduce the stress hormone Cortisol.

Practicing different movement activities in the classroom teaches children to connect with their body and breath to keep them regulated throughout the day. Regulated students are more calm and focused, therefore they are better able to learn.

Why We Like It

Shake breaks are an effective transition exercise to release stress and reset energy levels, especially after lunch or recess. Moving the body helps release extra energy and get oxygen and blood flowing, which helps the brain when it’s time to learn.

What to Do

Turn on some happy music and invite students to start shaking their hands, arms, and legs (or whatever feels good to them). Try this for three minutes and then ask everyone stop and breathe together. Take several slow breaths to re-center. You’ll see smiles and an amazing shift of energy.

More Mindful Movement Exercises

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