As soon as kiddos can understand that they have a brain sitting between their ears, they are ready to start learning about what their brain is and what it does. More specifically, young children are ready to start learning about the three key players in the brain: the amygdala (Guard Dog), the hippocampus (Ms. Elephante), and the prefrontal cortex (Wise Owl).

Here you can access free brain lesson plans, but first, let’s talk about why it’s important to teach kids about their brains.

Why Teach Children About Their Brains?

At FocusedKids, we have a little tagline that says what we do in two words: “brain empowerment.” When we teach children about their brains, we empower them to care for their brains and begin to understand how their brains impact their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When children are self-aware about the role their brain plays in their daily life, they are able to have better control over all those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Especially the tricky ones. And, they become more eager to learn self-regulation tools and techniques that help them maintain their sense of control.

When children are able to skillfully manage their thoughts feelings and behaviors, they are able to focus more readily, cooperate better, and best of all, calm themselves down i.e. self-regulate. They are also more likely to care for their brains and themselves as little humans.

How to Start Teaching Children About the Brain

Teaching children about the brain isn’t rocket science. It’s about making neuroscience digestible for young, yet intelligent, developing minds. That means making learning about the brain fun and practical! At FocusedKids, we rely on those three little characters we just mentioned (Guard Dog, Ms. Elephante, and Wise Owl) to make learning about the brain enjoyable and actionable! You can too with the free brain lesson plan below.

A Free Brain Lesson Plan for Young Children

If you’re looking for a brain education lesson plan for children in preschool, kindergarten, or above, click below to download a FREE brain lesson plan PDF that you can start using in your classroom right away.

Click to Download Free Brain Lesson Plan

Final Thoughts

Brain basics aren’t that hard to learn. Even better, they aren’t that hard to teach. You just need to take a bit of time to learn who the key players in the brain are (Guard Dog, Ms. Elephante, and Wise Owl) and what their roles are. Then you get to have fun with your students as you explore those characters and their roles together.

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Learn How to Teach Children About the Brain

Empower the children you care for by teaching them about their brains!