Do you want to see how teach some of the key FocusedKids lessons in your classroom? Below you will find demonstration videos that will help you roll out the FocusedKids method in your classroom in both English and Spanish. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please email us here.

Lesson Demonstration Videos

Lesson Demo: FocusedKids in the Classroom

Lesson Demo: FocusedKids in Ms. Kelly’s Class

FocusedKids Instructional Videos in English

Elephant Shower

Mindful Movement

Focused Frog

Hug the Monkey

Alphabreaths: Mindful Breathing

Breathing Ball

Rainbow Visualization

My Star Visualization

Ice Cream Scoop Visualization

Tick-Tock Like a Clock

Brain Button Exercise

Grateful Goat

Glitter Jar

3 Important Parts of the Brain

The Chime

My Safe Space

Bobbing Otter Visualization

16 Chimes Exercise

Restless Racoon

FocusedKids Instructional Videos in Spanish

Un Baño Al estilo Elefante / Elephant Shower

La Rana Enfocada / Focused Frog

Abrazando al Monito de Amor / Hugging the Monkey

Respirando con el Abecedario / Breathing with the ABCs

La esfera para Respirar / Breathing Ball

Visualización de un Arcoiris / Rainbow Visualization

Visualización del la Estrella / The Star Visualization

Visualización de mi Helado Favorito / My Favorite Ice Cream Visualization

Tick-Tack / Tick-Tock

El botón del Cerebro / Brain Button

Movimiento / Movement

La Cabra Agradecida / Grateful Goat

El Frasco de Brillantina / Glitter Jar

Tres Partes Importantes del Cerebro / 3 Important Parts of the Brain

La Campanada / The Chime

Visualización Mi Lugar Seguro / My Safe Space Visualization

Visualización / Visualization

16 Campanadas / 16 Chimes

El Mapache Inquieto / Restless Raccoon