FocusedKids Intensive

FocusedKids Intensive was started in October, 2019, at the Glenwood Springs Elementary School, in Colorado. It is a three-year pilot that will grow to the other elementary schools in the Roaring Fork School District in grades pre-k through third.

What We Know...

From the current research in child development, we know that children need experiences that are repeated and intentional to develop a healthy brain. There are certain neuro-connections required for them self-regulate. That is, to delay gratification, contain urges to react, focus their attention, and manage themselves in healthy, productive ways they must learn and practice certain behaviors. FocusedKids provides a framework for this learning.

About This Site...

This site is laid out so that first you learn a little about brain development, and then about the skills, we are teaching children and why. You then move to the curriculum, where first you teach yourself the skills. We provide the “adult lesson” so that you experience and feel comfortable with the strategies you will teach the children.

When you are ready, the curriculum is provided with each lesson in downloadable form. There are five lessons. This summer we are adding instructional video clips for each lesson, but you can start without those by reading through each lesson and following the instructions included.

If you are in a school setting, there is a recommended implementation schedule. The schedule is just a suggestion for how long to practice each lesson with the kids before moving on to the next lesson. It is laid out in an 8-week format.

The FocusedKids lessons are easy and fun to teach, and our hope is that once you start using them, they will become a part of your daily routine and your life with the kids.

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