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Back to School Mindfulness

Join the conversation with FocusedKids and parents as we navigate these challenging times. FocusedKids’ new parent program aims to support families as you prepare to send your children back to school virtually or in-person this Fall. We will provide parents with calming strategies so you can show up for yourself and kids in a healthy way.

Happy Holidays from Mindful Moose and Friends

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Managing the “wiggles” during the holidays. Focused Friends have some ideas! Hi everyone! The holidays are upon us and with them comes the excitement and attendant stress.  How can a family have fun without spinning out of control…or when that happens how does it recover? We’ve attached some ideas from FocusedKids along with other resources to give you ideas about how to … Read More

Magic of a Second

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Core Lessons

Mindfulness comes in many forms these days. “Short times, many times,” more extended sittings, mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful seeing, online mindful programs, mindful webinars, mindful retreats and so on. All have their place, but I often see us, as adults, missing the point or having inhuman expectations in our mindfulness practices. Wanting to control our thoughts, or when we … Read More

Change the world, change yourself!

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi Welcome back to school! Hope everyone had a great Spring Break. This month’s FocusedKids blog is stealing from a wonderful website called Just a gentle reminder to help yourself first as you return to the fast-paced world … Read More

A Still Quiet Place

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Amy Saltzman is a leader in the field of mindfulness with kids and created the book A Still Quiet Place as a wonderful resource for those who are doing this work.  One of the things children struggle with most is identifying and coping with feelings.  Being able to do this is an essential part of self-regulation, and developing overall executive function. … Read More