Pet the Lizard

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With yet another disaster to cause us stress, children add more stress to their already stressful lives.  Rick Hanson posted his “Pet the Lizard” exercise for adults in his recent newsletter.  I adapted it for kids to use at home and in the classroom as a way to help kids to quell their fears. Materials: Lizard puppet or toy, crayons … Read More

Back to School!

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Going back to school can include a mixture of eagerness and anxiety both for you and the kids.  We’ve worked together using FocusedKids to teach children strategies for managing stress, but it’s important for you as teachers to have the same tools.  So, I’d like to highlight a few ways mindfulness can enhance and create a climate for learning in the classroom … Read More

Mindfulness and Children, Susan Kaiser Greenland

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Mindfulness teacher Susan Kaiser Greenland has worked with kids for a long time.  She graciously answers questions about her work below. How were you inspired to teach mindfulness to children? A couple of things happened. When I began experimenting with mindfulness and children I had two young children myself, one in pre-kindergarten and another in first grade. It just made … Read More