Set Your Child Up for School Success with These Healthy Brain Tips

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Back to School Brain Tips

Going back to school brings up a lot of feelings for everyone – parents and kids alike! The transition can feel overwhelming. Set everyone up for success this school year by establishing good sleep routines, making time to connect and talk about how the day is going to go, building predictable routines, reciting a family mantra, and practicing gratitude. Your child’s brain will thank you – and so will their teacher!

Parche de la Paz

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El Kit Parche de la Paz

Hemos creado este proyecto como una forma de ayudar a las familias, profesores, y cuidadores de nuestra comunidad a empezar a mejorar después de un año de muchos desafíos y confusión. Un concepto fundamental de FocusedKids incluye crear un Lugar-de-la -calma en el aula o en casa. Lo que siempre ayuda a reiniciar y estar enfocado es crear algo nuevo. Descansar y hablar acerca de cómo nos sentimos en un lugar seguro nos provee oportunidades para sanar los efectos de un trauma.

Peace Patch

Shayla GrovesFundraising, Gratitude, Kindness, Mental Health, Mindfulness With Kids, News & Events, Resilience, Self-Care, Trauma

El Kit Parche de la Paz

We created this project as a way to help families, teachers, and caregivers in our community begin to heal after a challenging and confusing year. A core concept of FocusedKids includes creating a calm-down space in the classroom or at home. What always helps to reset and focus us is creating something new. Resting and talking about how we are in a safe place provide ways out of the effects of trauma.

How to Involve Kids in Pandemic Holiday Planning

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Kind Kangaroo

Here at FocusedKids we are trying not to exhaust ourselves by worrying about plans for the upcoming Holidays. We are reminding ourselves to be patient and grateful, and figure we are successful in those endeavors about 40% of the time. (Truth: maybe only 30%!). We hope the following tips will help you navigate the holiday season however you plan to spend it.

Happy Holidays from Mindful Moose and Friends

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Managing the “wiggles” during the holidays. Focused Friends have some ideas! Hi everyone! The holidays are upon us and with them comes the excitement and attendant stress.  How can a family have fun without spinning out of control…or when that happens how does it recover? We’ve attached some ideas from FocusedKids along with other resources to give you ideas about how to … Read More

Happy Holidays!

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Hi everyone- The holidays can be a wonderful time of year when families and friends unite in order to celebrate and spend quality time together. This is also the time of year to give thanks to the people and things we are most grateful for. At FocusedKids we developed the “Grateful Goat” exercise to use during the season and had … Read More