Set Your Child Up for School Success with These Healthy Brain Tips

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Back to School Brain Tips

Going back to school brings up a lot of feelings for everyone – parents and kids alike! The transition can feel overwhelming. Set everyone up for success this school year by establishing good sleep routines, making time to connect and talk about how the day is going to go, building predictable routines, reciting a family mantra, and practicing gratitude. Your child’s brain will thank you – and so will their teacher!

A Still Quiet Place

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Amy Saltzman is a leader in the field of mindfulness with kids and created the book A Still Quiet Place as a wonderful resource for those who are doing this work.  One of the things children struggle with most is identifying and coping with feelings.  Being able to do this is an essential part of self-regulation, and developing overall executive function. … Read More

Hug the Monkey

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Materials: Time: 10-15 minutes Monkey Puppet Hug the Monkey Coloring Page Why it Works A hug causes the brain to release its “feel good” chemicals into our bodies physically helping us to feel better.   In this exercise, (adapted from Dr. Rick Hansen), we use a monkey puppet to represent our “inner monkey,” that part of us that feels hurt … Read More