School Based FocusedKids “Brain Break” Store Opens

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Energize & Release Lesson

When kids get the wiggles, they need a Brain Break!  Brain Breaks are vitally important for children as they progress through their day.  Brief times to stop, calm down, or move and refocus provide support for maintaining self-control.  FocusedKids curriculum offers many exercises involving the breath, the body, and the senses to use as brain breaks.  They are embedded in each lesson.  They are simple to implement in your home or classroom and help children focus on the next activity!

I recently taught the FocusedKids brain lesson to a second-grade team. After working with the teachers and the kids, we gathered the kids’ parents. After their lesson, the parents came up with the idea of opening a store as a way to offer the tools we use to parents for use at home. Within two weeks it was open in a room in the kindergarten pod and is manned by the parents. They carry the “calm down basket” with the parent manual as well as individual tools like the Hoberman Sphere, the chime, and glitter jars. Various relevant books for kids and parents are also available. In the first week of operation, they sold half of their inventory!

At FocusedKids we believe that successful work with children must involve the parents. If parents can back up what the kids are learning at school by using the same language and tools at home, the kids are more likely to integrate the learning. The Brain Break Store is just one way to encourage parent involvement. We are excited to share the excitement and challenge you to open a brain break store at your child’s school.

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