The "Yes Brain" is out!! Must read!

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Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson have a new book—THE YES BRAIN—coming out this week, and I’m excited to encourage you to order your own copy.  It builds on their previous work, which you may already know about:  the New York Times bestsellers THE WHOLE-BRAIN CHILD and NO-DRAMA DISCIPLINE.
As they’ve explained it to me, they’ve written this book as a response to a question they get all the time when they speak to parents, clinicians, and educators around the world:
There’s so much I want for my kids:  happiness, emotional strength, academic success, social skills, a strong sense of self, and much more.  It’s hard to know where to even start.  What characteristics are most important to focus on to help them live happy, meaningful lives?
In The Yes Brain, Dan and Tina answer this question, introducing us to the Yes Brain and discussing practical ways we can nurture these qualities in our children and encourage important life skills like emotional regulation, resilience, insight, and empathy.  They talk about how to help kids remain open and flexible in their approach to the world (saying YES) as opposed to being shut down, reactive, and rigid (saying NO).  A child with a Yes Brain is both happier and easier to parent!
Dan and Tina have helped so many families through the years, and I’m delighted to get a chance to help spread the word about this new, important book.  (You can order it here!)  Thanks for taking a look, and feel free to pass along this email to others.  I know Dan and Tina would appreciate it.

Dan and Tina are coming to the Roaring Fork Valley January 31, 2018.

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