I could not have created FocusedKids or understood this work without the amazing work of the following colleagues. Thank you all for your wisdom, your passion, and willingness to share what you know with the world. You have started a revolution ripple!
Tina Payne Bryson , No Drama Discipline and many other books, and her awesome trainings, both live and on her website. She is the only person I have ever heard coach parents in a sane and simple way! Understand why the developing brain is doing what it does, and how to nurture and respond in healthy ways. She shares her mistakes, which makes it all human.
Linda Graham, Bouncing Back is a leader in the field of resilience and the brain. Her presentations are delightful and loaded with activities.
Susan Kaiser Greenland, Mindful Child, Mindful Games, and Inner Kids Training. Susan is my guru for using mindfulness with kids and families. Her work has so much integrity, and her mindful games are steeped in the secular tradition. Besides, the kids love them!
Goldie Hawn, MindUP I worked with Goldie in various capacities for a couple of years. That experience was invaluable. MindUP, a science-based model for delivering mindfulness to children, set the wheels in motion for a useable curriculum in the school setting.
Linda Lantieri, Building Emotional Intelligence, The Inner Resilience Program  Linda’s depth and diverse experience make her the leading expert in social emotional learning. Her work integrates social and emotional learning with mindful practice and is a terrific guide for setting up school-based programs.
Momentous Institute and the Momentous School – Michelle Kinder, Heather Bryant, and Sandy Nobles. If you want to see all of the credited work here in action, these guys are blazing the trail for how education should be delivered everywhere. And they have research to prove it! Besides they are really nice people! Don’t miss their spectacular annual Changing the Odds Conference.
Dan Siegel, Whole Brain Child and Mindsight Institute ( I learned everything I know about the brain from Dan, which might be a bit scary! But his integrated model makes sense and offers many practical applications in work with children through adults, and his trainings are full with new concepts and leave you hungry for more. And he is a really good guy!
The Hemera Foundation, dedicated to early childhood development, has graciously supported our program by funding current research with Harvard University, and for website development.  With this support, we are able to offer our curriculum at no cost.
The Valley Settlement Project and the El Busesito preschool program, www.valleysettlement, where FocusedKids was piloted four years ago. A brilliant mobile preschool program, their “graduates” finish kindergarten in the top 10% of their class!  Thanks for your ongoing support and implementation of FocusedKids.
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